The One Fine Day Film Workshop 2017 Accepting Applications!

The One Fine Day Film Workshop is a film masterclass programme founded in 2008.
The idea behind the project is to give African filmmakers an opportunity to write and produce their own stories and, under the mentorship of experienced filmmakers, reach an international audience on the cinematic screen.
Since then, the project has produced 5 feature films and trained over 1000 filmmakers from 21 African countries within their workshops in all departments of the film making process.

This year’s edition incoporates the classroom style-training programme into the Pre-production of the Feature Film production.

You should be available to participate for the entire duration of both Pre-production (June) & Feature Film Production (July). However participation in the Pre-production does not guarantee a role in the Feature Film Production phase.

Please note: do not consider working on the film production as a proper source of income. We only offer a small per diem.

We are NOW accepting applications for the following departments:

– Locations
– Accounting
– Cinematography
– Costume / Make-up
– Editing
– Production
– Production Design
– Assistant Directing
– Sound (On Location)

Application deadline is May 5th 2017!

Your application will only be considered if you have met the following requirements:
1. You have filled out the application form fully! INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED
2. You have worked on at least one short film and/or have professional experience in the film industry.
3. You are a citizen of an African country and reside in Africa and be are at least 18 years of age by June 1st 2017.
4. You are fluent in the English language, written and spoken.
5. If you apply for the Editing workshop, you must be proficient with either Avid Media Composer or Final Cut Pro (basic knowledge will not be sufficient).

Please note that the application is individual. We cannot accept team applications.
The application consists of the following three PARTS:
1. A completed Application Form to be emailed to
2. A 1-minute application video about yourself (the URL of uploaded content to be stated in the Application Form): Speak to us! Show the selection committee who you are and why you are applying for The One Fine Day Film Workshop. What experience in film do you have? What films would you make if were given the chance? What possibilities do you see for yourself in the industry? Choose the style you think fits best e.g. make a short documentary, animation film, (musical) or just talk to your mobile camera. We are keen to see your creativity!
3. In addtion, if you are applying for Production Design, Editing, Cinematography or Costume/ Make-Up Include a link to 1-minute video or attach still photographs not exceeding 5MB total showcasing your previous works, work samples, show reel etc: Let us see your talent! Send us a sample of your work, a clip you have shot for this application or an excerpt of a project you have completed.
Upload the videos to Make sure that the video is uploaded as “public” or “unlisted” and that sound and picture are clear. Videos over one minute will be disqualified and deemed unacceptable. This will render your application incomplete.


The participant declares that he/she owns the copyright for the 1-minute application videos, or has permission to share the media provided according to the relevant national and international regulations. He/she guarantees that no rights of third parties are violated by the material used in the film or other samples of work submitted. The participant unconditionally and irrevocably declares his/her copyright responsibility towards third parties in case of disputes over copyright violations. In this respect, the participant exempts the One Fine Day Film Workshop from all claims by third parties.