Read the testimonials from film professionals on their experiences in Rwanda with locations and local talent.

“There is so much beauty in Rwanda. Gorgeous hills, valleys and stunning vistas make this a great location to shoot a movie. A growing list of talented filmmakers, technicians and artists make this country the place to make your next movie in Africa.”

Wynn Thomas Production Designer, Malcolm X (1992); A Beautiful Mind (2001)

“We film all over the world and have had a range of experiences with film teams.  Having the right team is vital when you are in a foreign land. The Rwandans who worked with us anticipated our needs, had deep relationships in the community, found excellent places to eat and consistently went beyond the call of duty.  The entire team was gracious, hard-working and professional with the local authorities, negotiating rates for locations and paying attention to detail when required. I highly recommend the excellent local workforce.  We will be working here again.”

Kevin McAfee Director, Through the Valley (2013)Founder and CEO, Veritas Entertainment

“My sister and I filmed in Rwanda for five months (spread out over four trips) for our feature documentary, Sweet Dreams. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my life. Not only is Rwanda a beautiful country — the people as well as the landscape — but the country functions really well. There are excellent roads and transportation, smart and talented people to work with and an overall feeling of safety and welcoming. For a small country, Rwanda has a huge amount to offer.”

Rob FruchtmanProducer/DirectorSweet Dreams (2012)

“As we filmed throughout the years, [Rwanda] has grown in front of our eyes, infrastructure and development made filming more accessible and feasible, and we imagine it will only continue to evolve. The people are generous and kind, and eager to participate in what is surely one of the greatest comeback stories on Earth.”

Greg KwedarProducer, Rising from Ashes (2012)

“Over the past seven years I have had the opportunity to work with several Rwandan filmmakers and my experience has been incredible. They are growing in skill and most importantly have a fantastic eye for story.”

Thomas JohnstoneDirector, Rising from Ashes (2012)

“We made numerous trips to Rwanda to film our documentary, Finding Hillywood, and we were continually inspired by the passionate and talented filmmakers we worked with, as well as Rwanda’s unique and cinematic locations. We are excited to see the film economy grow and support local filmmakers in Rwanda and throughout East Africa.”

Leah WarshawskiDirector/Producer, Finding Hillywood documentary (2013)