Rwandan filmmaker selected for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme 2018

The management of would like to congratulate Mr. Emmanuel Nturanyenabo (one of our members), the MD of Teebah Film Village Ltd for having been announced among Africa’s leading young entrepreneurs who will participate in the 2018 edition of the prestigious Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

as a natural storyteller who found his life-purpose and passion through media and film-making.

Emmanuel developed his company for both film and Business Skills. For film side, Emmanuel went through film trainings at local and regional prestigious institutes to gain professional expertise, including: Almond Tree Films, Kwetu Film Institute, Africa Digital Media Academy and Maisha Film Lab. His interest is in Writing, Directing and Producing. He has worked as Props Manager on Mageragere City Drop Out by MBABAZI Aime Philbert that won the best short film in Rwanda Film Festival, and has been selected in other international film events and festivals. He also worked as Script Advisor on Umutoma Feature Film by KWEZI Jean that won the Special Mention at Luxor Film Festival and until now it is still being selected in different international awards. He has also done Sound for two short films, namely “The Female Fighter” by Idriss Gasana Byiringiro and “A Little Skater” by Wilson Misago. Recently, Mr.Emmanuel created and directed a TV Plot called “IKOROSI” that tells a story of romance and land conflict. He wrote and directed the Short movies like “Stereotypes”, “Wooden Pillow”, and many others. His Web Series called “Why’s Book” is the postproduction phase and he has several projects on progress, just to mention a few.

After gaining the film skills, Emmanuel also decided to attend the business trainings mainly at Rwanda Business Development Center (BDC Rwanda), Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT Rwanda), These Numbers Have Faces in it programme called Accelerate Academy, Grow Movement and by now the company made it for the great exposure at Tony Elumelu Foundation.


Emmanuel dedicates his entire time to building his company grew from his passion to contribute to shaping a better Rwanda which enjoys unity, reconciliation, harmony and socio-economic growth of its inhabitants. As Emmanuel affirms, Rwanda’s 1994 genocide left the Rwandan community with struggles of poverty, unemployment, and family conflicts – and all these scenarios create stories. As natural storyteller, Emmanuel founded Teebah Film Village Ltd with the aim to build a full-service video production company that would use storytelling for trauma healing and youth empowerment. Teebah Film Village tell stories of NGOs and social enterprises to maximize their impact in re-building a better Rwanda. These organizations that are tackling these problems, but they struggle to get international awareness and partnerships. Teebah’s turnkey video production gives these organizations a simple and powerful tool to share their work and attract new partners.

A product developed through film and Business frameworks, Teebah Film Village Ltd builds Rwanda by sharing the stories of character, heroism, and history. Through this company, Emmanuel strengthens the society through helping Rwandan NGOs and social enterprises gain partners overseas; local job creation and; positively impacting the economy. Business shall also create jobs, and therefore, Teebah Film Village employ contractual people with a variety of vocational skills, including photographers, video editors, cooks, and salespeople. Additionally, the company pays commission to salespeople who have other fulltime jobs, which supplement their income and increase the reach of the business. Speaking to Mr. Emmanuel, he confirmed that Teebah Fim Village plans to hire a fulltime video producer, and looks forward to embark on further new initiatives to encourage networking and story-telling, including a café and studio to host talks and screenings.


For this year’s edition, more than 150,000 Africans from 114 countries worldwide applied to join the 4th ‎cycle of The Tony Elumelu Foundation’s (TEF) 10-year, $100 million TEF Entrepreneurship Programme. On, the Foundation announced the African entrepreneurs with the most innovative, high-potential business ideas. Recently, Tony Elumelu announced his selection of 1000 winners, including our entrepreneur, Mr.Emmanuel Nturanyenabo, who wins this highly-coveted fellowship with his Teebah Film Village. Joining this program will help Emmanuel to access top-notch mentorship, coupled with a 12-weeks training and networking with world-class entrepreneurs; and an added opportunity to access seed-funding.

More information about the Tony Elumelu Foundation and and the exclusive list of the 2018 selected entrepreneurs can be accessed on the organization’s official website:

We congratulate Mr. Emmanuel Nturanyenabo and his company, Teebah Film Village for being among the few entrepreneurs selected to join the 2018 Tony Elomelu Entrepreneurship Programme. is proud of you as our fellow filmmaker.