NewsU offers course on audience analytics for reporters [Worldwide]

Journalists and others interested in being more effective on social media can register for this course.

News University, the Poynter Institute e-learning project, is offering “Audience analytics for reporters.” It is a self-directed video course, which can be started and completed at any time.

Participants will learn basics of analytics terminology; which metrics to look at and what they mean; how to use analytics data to tweak content and headlines; why the same headline doesn’t work everywhere; how to apply the knowledge of metrics to your daily job; and where to go to learn more and keep up with changing metrics programs.

The instructors are journalist trainer Jill Nicholson, engagement strategist Joy Mayer, reporter Benjamin Mullin, managing editor John Schlander and director of audience Ryan Kellett.

The cost is US$50. Register by Dec. 31 to receive a 25 percent discount.

For more information, click here.