My first auditioning landed me in a leading role – Stycie Waweru

Stycie Waweru, a ten-year-old pupil at Damacrest Schools has never acted in a film before. Fate led her to the audition for the film ‘Supa Modo” the latest production by One Fine Day Films.

“My dad told me about the audition and I decided to try my luck” Stycie explains.

Supa Modo tells the story of Jo, a 9-year old girl suffering from a terminal illness, who leaves hospital for home when little more can be done for her. Her mother Kathryn and teenage sister Mwix rally their little village of Maweni to help her believe that she had developed powers and is in fact, a superhero. journalists caught up with Stycie and the following are some of the excerpts

Rwandafilm: When did you first know that you could act?

Stycie: I first knew that I could act when I was four years old. I got hooked up into watching cartoon movies and I just loved the way the characters were acting. It was then that I knew I could try acting.

Rwandafilm: How was your reaction when you realized that you have been selected for the role?

Stycie: First I did not believe it at all….. because I was rehearsing with these girls who knew what they were doing and I was just there. I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do. I thought they would be chosen and so when I found out that I got the part, I was really excited and I couldn’t wait to start.

Rwandafilm: What was your favorite scene in the film?

Stycie: My favorite scene was the part that I was supposed to fly. I had to lie on a board, which was blue like the sky, and then I was told to run and take off. Looking at the the monitor, it looked like I was really flying. So I liked that.

Rwandafilm: Which was your most challenging scene in the film?

Stycie: The most challenging scene was a part that I had to run really first and the camera was in front of me in a close up. They had to see my facials like being happy and sad, so that was the most challenging part.


Rwandafilm: Where are we going to see Stycie in ten years time?

Stycie: In ten years time you are going to see Stycie still acting, may be singing and also doing gymnastics!

Rwandafilm: Do your family supports you and if yes how?

Stycie: My family supports me. My father supports me for example I was supposed to shave my hair and I didn’t accept that so my dad convinced me explaining to me that it was not big deal and i would get to be famous, as I always wanted.

My mum supports me for example on set so that I could not feel sad. May be am supposed to act happy and I feel sad so she just supports me to get into the mood.

My sister supported me the same way as my dad. She convinced me that, the hair would always grow back and opportunities only come once

Rwandafilm: What are you working on currently?

Stycie: After ‘Supamodo’ I am working on a movie about a crazy girl who inspires the whole village and my dad will direct it.

Rwandafilm: What message would you tell to the kids of your age?

Stycie: My message to young kids of my age is to hold on to their dreams and to never let go until they achieve what they always wanted

One Fine Day Films is the company, which brought you the critically lauded Nairobi Half Life and Kati Kati. They are producing the current film Supa Modo with the partnership of local production company Ginger Ink Films and with the support of the DW Akademie