Amplify paid fellowship selects 140 semifinalists out of 1100 applications!

The announcement of the Amplify Fellowship semi finalists slated for 7th July 2017 had been postponed to 11th July 2017 due to large number of applicants.

Today, 140 successful semi finalists from Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana were contacted to proceed into the next level

The successful semifinalists woke up to the following email

“Good morning, and hello there.

Yes, I know. I promised Tuesday morning. But you are a creative, and you know how these things can go. Deadlines are never dead, they actually can be quite hard to keep in place. No excuses though. Apologies for the delay.

So, great news. You have been selected as one of the finalists for the Amplify II program. We selected about a hundred and forty finalists, out of the 1100 applications that we received. Believe me when I say you are in awesome company, it is absolutely our privilege to have come across you via this process. Congrats.

Of course, as Nigerians like to say, party never finish.

Here’s what’s next: we would like to have you answer this one question. Now, in answering it, we are interested in witnessing the awesomeness that is your creativity. You can respond with a short video (no longer than 60 seconds), or a nice photo essay (no more than five images, and with short captions no more than 140 xters each), or a written response with no more than 200 words.

Question: As a storyteller and content creator, what is your approach to collaboration? How do you ensure that the collective vision of the team and collaborators stays intact, while accomodating the differing temperaments and agendas that are inevitable in a team setting?

You have until 5pm EST on Saturday the 15th of July to submit your responses. Please use Raid on your documents before sending as our tolerance for viruses is below sea level.

The thirty Fellows will be selected and notified on Friday the 21st.

Again, congrats…and I look forward to seeing your responses.


On behalf of, we wish all the semifinalists good luck as they prepare themselves to fight for the finalists’ thirty slots

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